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It’s romance. It’s glamour.
— Tom Edwards, Monocle 24 executive producer
What a beautiful piece of print. Stunning photography and fantastic design with short but well written pieces which make for a very enjoyable read and treat for the eyes. The art card and cloth badge being the cherry on the top, very pleased.
— S.H., Littlehampton, England
Loved the first edition!
— C.E., Queensland, Australia
The Monaco issue of F1 racing magazine The Rev Journal pays homage to the racing-obsessed city and the people who all partake in it.
— Communication Arts
Thanks for your great style and work. Such a pleasure receiving beautiful print media!
— N.H., Taipa, Macau
Great issue, again. Blown away by the graphics and photography. You get me inside these cities like no other publication!
— D.B., New York, United States