No. 7 | Monza

The history of Monza and the passion of the Tifosi give the Italian Grand Prix a great atmosphere, and with it being close to both of our technical partners, we want to do our best.
— Guenther Steiner, Haas Team Principal, August 2018


  • Circuit Experience: 8.5

  • City Action: 6

  • X Factor: 9

Total | 23.5




Old-school to the core, this ancient track twists through the picturesque Parco di Monza, one of Europe’s largest urban parks. The venue allows you to get incredibly close to the action, so you can relish in that scent of hot rubber and feel the ground shake on another level. On the surface, there has not been much in the way of modernization, but you won’t hear us complaining — to stand beneath the same trees as greats dating back to 1922 only adds to the romanticism and mystique surrounding the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. 


We’re fans of the very quaint town of Monza, but if its pace doesn’t suit your weekend-getaway speed, a half-hour drive to Milan (give or take, pending the region’s notorious traffic problems) will unveil plentiful attractions that’ll keep your crew occupied. However, given the enthusiastic festivities at the circuit and the allure of its neighboring city, Monza itself is too often ignored. In Grands Prix to come, we hope to see additional activities pop up for fans in the actual host village. In the meantime, do be mindful of your belongings, as pickpockets are common. 


The Tifosi. You see the famous red T-shirts of Ferrari at every Grand Prix around the world, but only at Monza do you see a full sea of red chanting, celebrating, and (too often) commiserating at every minute action taken by their beloved Scuderia. The color orange may be growing alongside Max Verstappen’s results, but it’s still no match for the color most synonymous with Formula 1 and the Tifosi who call Monza home.