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No. 3 | Montréal

Canada is a fantastic weekend. The city, the atmosphere, and the circuit itself all make it an enjoyable Grand Prix. The track has a nice flow to it, despite being slightly green and dirty when we arrive as it’s part street, part race track. There are big walls on the exit of corners, as well as some kerbs to ride. It’s an enjoyable lap to drive.
— Nico Hulkenberg, Renault Sport, June 2018


  • Circuit Experience: 8

  • City Action: 9.5

  • X Factor: 8

Total | 25.5





Circuit Gilles Villeneuve pairs an intense track that forces action and punishes mistakes with an extremely vibrant fan zone. The infamous Wall of Champions awaits drivers on the outside of the final corner — named for causing the retirement of three titleholders in 1999 (Damon Hill, Michael Schumacher, and Jacques Villeneuve), the concrete barrier continues to dominate. Grab a seat near Turn 14 to take it all in. Through the weekend, the trackside Budweiser stage maintains a lively music and entertainment lineup. 


Montréal is an incredibly active and fun city year-round, and the Grand Prix kicks off party season. Crescent Street throws one of the largest weekendlong parties, with DJs, live entertainment, and shoulder-to-shoulder foot traffic. Plus, the Grand Prix coincides with annual city festivals and car shows, some of which are free. Montréal’s food scene is unabashed and experimental, as are its clubs; it’s very easy to find something to suit your taste or, better still, expand it. Wherever you go, locals will ask if you’re here for the race, which makes this weekend feel particularly inviting.


Formula 1’s seamless takeover of the city. From the moment you arrive at the airport and see the workers dressed as F1 drivers, you know you’ve reached a region that fully embraces the race weekend. There are F1-themed festivities at nightclubs, menus at restaurants, and window displays at shops — the Grand Prix spirit is inescapable, as it should be. The heart of Montréal is small enough that it seems everyone is here for the race, whether that’s the case or not. This is what Liberty must have had in mind when they targeted having “a Super Bowl every Grand Prix.”