No. 10 | Monaco

I think everybody loves going to Monaco. It’s just such a special place. When you think of F1, you think of Monaco. Driving on the famous streets in an F1 car was a dream come true and I’m just as excited to go back there this year. The location is so spectacular. It’s beautiful and glamorous with an amazing atmosphere. When you arrive at the start of the week you can’t help smiling when you walk down the pit lane and see all the final touches being made.
— Esteban Ocon, Force India, May 2018


  • Circuit Experience: 6

  • City Action: 6.5

  • X Factor: 10

Total | 22.5



Best Overall: X Factor


Monaco is perhaps the most iconic Grand Prix of the season for obvious reason — the setting is spectacular, the history is rich, and glamour awaits at every turn. Watching cars navigate narrow streets at high speeds illustrates the skill an F1 driver must possess, but the roads offer few opportunities to overtake, so the actual race often lacks real drama. Plus, activities are costly. Other Grands Prix offer more inclusive and approachable experiences for fans. 


For most attendees, getting to the race in Monaco involves commuting from a hotel in a neighboring village, so the glamour and the swanky soirées can seem far away even when you’re actually there. (Though scenic coastal accommodations certainly add to this Grand Prix’s allure.) The small principality is made smaller when streets are shut down and converted into the circuit, and getting in and out can be a pain — particularly if you’re not one of the VIPs living it up at a private yacht party. This is definitely a bucket list event, but more fun and bang for the buck can be had elsewhere.  


Bragging rights. It just feels good to answer “yes” when someone asks if you’ve been to the Monaco Grand Prix. For many, a visit to this circuit is a rite of passage and the closest you can come to riding a time machine back to the heyday of the sport. Plus, if you do treat yourself to a yacht experience, viewing the race from the water with a glass of champagne in hand is unrivaled.