BUDAPEST | Hungarian Grand Prix


  • Circuit Experience: 7

  • City Action: 7

  • X Factor: 5.5

Total | 19.5

Editor’s Pick: Best for Art & Design


Nestled in a natural bowl with impeccable views, the Hungaroring’s location in Central Europe makes it an easy option for European fans. Among the shortest circuits it is also one of the slowest, and the weather often plays a prominent role. Despite sizzling midsummer heat, the weekend is filled with on-track action and a vibrant fan zone; merchandise may cost a pretty penny, but the tickets are less expensive, so we can deal. Pack your own snacks if you’re on a diet, as vendor menus lean toward the fried, meaty, and heavy.



This circuit sits about 20 kilometers outside Budapest, but a proper public transit system makes it easy to get around. Grand Prix parties and fan events pop up across the city. We recommend wandering the historic alleyways to explore a few non-race-themed ruin pubs while you’re here and carving out some time for a dip in one of Budapest’s many ancient thermal baths. This city is steeped in history, and much of it is preserved for those who wish to see it.


X Factor: 5.5

Bang for the buck. Tickets to the Hungarian Grand Prix are cheaper, as is most everything in Budapest, and children age 14 and under get in free. The Bronze 2 Grandstand ticket is among the best deals, offering seats that overlook the action leading into Turn 5, which drivers take blind. Veer away from the circuit and you’ll find the wallet-friendly prices extend to hotels, food, and shopping throughout town.



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