BARCELONA | Spanish Grand Prix


  • Circuit Experience: 8

  • City Action: 9

  • X Factor: 7

Total | 24

Editor’s Pick: Best for Food


As host of pre-season testing and the kickoff to summer’s series of European races, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya scores points for its importance to the F1 calendar. There’s something wonderfully nostalgic about attending a Grand Prix here, though modern upgrades to infrastructure and terrific branding keep the ambiance fresh. We love getting our first look of the season at the up-and-comers competing in the F2 support race. 



There’s a reason Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in the world. People love its big-city European charm — in the city center, the combination of iconic architecture, sleek lodgings, historic restaurants, and hipster tapas bars make for a memorable getaway filled with local flavor. While it requires a drive to reach the downtown area from the circuit, the traffic is light. That’s the tricky thing about most purpose-built circuits — they tend to be at a distance from the heart of the city, but Barcelona balances that with  easy transit.


X Factor: 7

The food. Barcelona is lauded as one of the world’s leading gastronomic destinations, and it’s hard to go wrong regardless of budget. Better still, the eats on offer at the race maintain the same standards, and food trucks circle up outside the entrance gates. Unfortunately, the facility maintains an alcohol ban, so if you’re after a stiff drink, you’ll need to head off-site to one of the bars adjacent to the circuit. Buen prevecho!



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