No. 11 | Baku

I’m looking forward to going to another new circuit. I don’t know how many different circuits I’ve driven in my career but I’m always excited to drive a new one. I think it’s very unique, being a street track, some really interesting corners with no room for error, which is always something I enjoy - probably most of the other drivers do too so we’re all in the same boat.
— Brendon Hartley, Toro Rosso, April 2018


  • Circuit Experience: 7.5

  • City Action: 7

  • X Factor: 7.5

Total | 22




Let’s be honest, when Baku was announced we all wondered if this signaled the end of Formula 1 as we knew it. But lo and behold it may actually signal the future of the sport — and what we want more of. Baku serves up a gorgeous street circuit and top-notch entertainment (at Baku Chrystal Hall) in a location we otherwise would likely never visit. And even with road closures and festivities overtaking the area that becomes Baku City Circuit, the locals seem proud to host this spectacle and excited to interact with international fans. 


Azerbaijan’s capital city borders the Caspian Sea. The area exudes an interesting mix of old and new, East and West, and offers a chance to take in some genuinely original art and culture; copious museums could fill your off-track itinerary if desired. Flying here and securing a hotel can be a challenge, given Baku’s limited options; increasing availability for future Grands Prix is a must as the popularity of this race weekend continues to grow. 


The location. Baku, for many, feels like another world. Its walled-off Old City juxtaposes against the modernist architecture of buildings like the Flame Towers. Storefronts surrounding the street circuit put their national pride on full display during the race weekend, and the locals are helpful in guiding visitors to top spots to sample regional cuisine. However, it can be difficult to get around. Baku City Circuit has produced a few seldom-seen podium finishers, which in this era of big-team domination, is a treat.