No. 1 | Austin

Damn, I love the city of Austin and the country of America, I think it’s beautiful. Firstly, I think it’s one of the best circuits we go to on the calendar for racing. You can pass in four different places. There’s some tracks you struggle to pass on once, so to have four different opportunities with the shape of the corners and the apexes, everything just creates a real good atmosphere which encourages you to battle.
— Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull Racing, October 2018


  • Circuit Experience: 9

  • City Action: 9.5

  • X Factor: 8

Total | 26.5 



Editor’s Pick: Best for Music


Some say Formula 1 has yet to find traction in the United States, but you wouldn’t know it when visiting Austin. Circuit of the Americas is a stunning venue packed full of passionate American fans and an endless lineup of food and entertainment options. During the race, even general seating maintains amazing sightlines for a continuous view of the action (we recommend claiming a seat at Turn 1 or Turn 15). COTA’s Super Stage Festival Lawn draws major performers, which in 2018 included Bruno Mars and Britney Spears.


The same display of fanfare and gastronomic delights is true throughout the city itself, which is overflowing with house-smoked barbecue joints and revelers enjoying the “Live Music Capital of the World.” Formula 1–related signage and installations throughout the surrounding area invite fans to explore the neighborhood hangouts and mingle with locals pre- and post-race. Head to Sixth Street and Red River to check out some of the area’s top nightclubs, and possibly rub shoulders with teams celebrating after the weekend.


American hospitality and showmanship. Turn 1 is one of the best viewing spots in all of Formula 1, with a sightline that extends to the straights and turns beyond; a massive grandstand perches atop the hill, and ticket-holders spill out onto the grass beside it. The atmosphere here is electric as cars launch up the hill, negotiate a very tight 180, then zoom down the other direction — from this vantage point, you get a perfect view of the start. That excitement remains with every lap and provides opportunity to connect with other friendly F1 fans, satisfying the all-too-rare social side of this sport.