If you could attend any Formula 1 race weekend, which one would you choose?

Most Formula 1 fans consider attending a Grand Prix a once-in-a-lifetime event. A small percentage will purchase tickets to an F1 race once per year. This raises some serious questions for fans:

  • How does each Grand Prix experience differ?

  • What is on offer in the host cities beyond the race?

  • Why should I even make the investment when I can watch the race on TV?

The Rev team sets out to definitively answer these questions and more with our first annual Rev Race Weekend Index, showcasing the best of Formula 1 circuits, cities, and culture. Ranking the top 15 race weekends in three crucial categories, the Index evaluates each destination to guide fans toward the Grands Prix that will fulfill their Formula 1 desires.

Since launching Rev in 2015, the question I get asked most often is ‘Which Grand Prix should I go to?’ So we decided to come up with some answers by diving into the unique characteristics of each event. The Index highlights how the Formula 1 experience differs around the world, which is what makes this such a special sport. Congratulations to all of the category winners and in particular to Austin for finishing as the top overall race weekend.
— Magnus Greaves, Editor-in-Chief, The Rev Journal


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